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Heather Mettler

Making art is like prayer. Each piece of glass I create is suffused with love and light. Because of my deep desire to shine beauty into the lives of those who collect my work, the creation process is a spiritual practice for me. Every piece of glass that leaves my studio carries a blessing of joy.

I have spent most of my life on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. I grew up immersed in the flora, fauna, and ocean of the Kona coast. With its hapu’u ferns, wild ginger, coconut palms, dolphins, sea turtles, rustic lava fields, and exquisite birds, Kona has been a magical place to call home.

My fascination with glass began when I was a teenager working as an apprentice to an artist specializing in sandblasting. I expanded my skills at the Pilchuck Glass School where I studied mosaic design with Felice Nittolo. After learning casting and glass blowing, two techniques that greatly expanded my artistic expression, I graduated with my BFA in Glass from the University of Hawaii.

I have been working in glass for nearly twenty years and am continuously inspired by its versatility, fluidity, and textural capabilities. I draw creative energy for my pieces by watching the changing water of the Pacific, which reminds me of the liquid potential of my medium. Glass, just like water, comes to life once it is suffused with light.

When working with a piece of glass, I want to know what is hidden beneath the surface. I design and sandblast vessels that allow me to experiment with layers of texture and pattern. I etch each unique vessel, often envisioning a series centered on a common theme. My love of Hawaiian plants and animals, the ocean, and Pacific island cultures plays into every piece I create, all of which are sandblasted by hand.

My Beach Pebble Series is inspired by the ocean seascape: fish, honu, sea star, shells, octopus, and crab. The Cylinder Series features native Hawaiian ferns, many of which are found in the cooler, upslope area outside of my Kona studio. My Basket Series is more abstract and modern, combining layers of woven copper baskets, blown glass, and sandblasted imagery that create a watery and ethereal experience for the viewer. The nature of these vessels changes as each piece is rotated, offering multiple windows into the dynamic power of this medium.

Glass has always been my canvas, but the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands is my true inspiration. Each vessel I create is a gift from the heart. I am thrilled to share the blessings of the islands by shining love and light into your home.

INQUIRIES WELCOME! You may email me any time,heather@heathermettler.com.

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